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Female Gymnast on Balance Beam

News 2015

British Veterans Gymnastics Championships, Lilleshall National Sports Centre

November 29th 2015


Carterton Gymnastics Club Adult Squad took part in the British Veterans Gymnastics Championships at Lilleshall National Sports Centre on Sunday 29th November.  It was a successful weekend for the 9 gymnasts that entered. Colin Rigby secured two national titles in the adult over 50 tumbling and over 50 men's artistic gymnastics events. Kate Dela won the British title for over 30 pro women's artistic gymnastics. Marjorie Scholes became British champion for the over 60's women artistic gymnastics at the age of 76. The rest of the team - Maddy Crossley competing in the over 18 intermediate category performed very well on bars, Angela Bywater and Angela Oliver performed best on the beam in the over 30's novice event, with Stacey Clack performing her best routine on floor in the same category. Claire Granville and Angela Money performed in the over 40's novice women's category where they performed best on the floor apparatus. The event was hosted by former British gymnast Steve Frew and current world team silver medalist Kristian Thomas. The team were able to take part in the event thanks to the sponsorship provided by ABC Oxford, their coach being Debra Courtenay-Crane.


Photo: back from left: Steve Frew, Stacey Clack, Angela Bywater, Deborah Courtenay-Crane, Kristian Thomas, Claire Granville Front from left: Kate Dela, Angela Oliver, Angela Money, Marjorie Scoles, Maddy Crossley.

Southern Region Competition, Portsmouth

October 17th 2015


Natasha Granville aged 13 of Carterton Gymnastics Club took part in the Southern Region Competition in Portsmouth on 17th October 2015. She took part on all four pieces: vault, bars beam and floor, her best piece being on vault with a score of 12.15. Natasha scored 45.75 in total and came 6th overall.

Oxfordshire County Levels competition, Berinsfield

June 28th 2015


NINE girls from Carterton Gymnastics Club competed at the Oxfordshire County Levels competition at Berinsfield on Sunday 28th June 2015. They all competed on vault, bars, beam and floor. Roisin Morris and Evie Daft both competed at L5OOA Junior. Roisin's best piece was on floor while Evie took silver on vault and bronze on beam. Ella Mead, Molly Mullins and Natasha Granville competed at L3OOA Senior. Ella took joint gold on vault with Natasha who also got gold on beam and floor and gold overall.  Molly's best piece being on vault. At L4OOA Junior Isabel Norris, Eabha Morris and Amelie Meaden competed.  Isabel took silver on bars. Eabha's best piece was on vault and Amelie's best piece was on floor. Georgia Bishop competed at L4OOA Senior and took home a silver on bars. A good day all round for Carterton.

A double celebration for Carterton Gymnastics Club!



We're honoured to have received the Club of the Year Award from West Oxfordshire District Council at the Sports Awards evening at Witney Lakes Resort on Thursday last week.


A second Award for the Club  followed with Head Coach Debra Courtenay-Crane receiving Coach of the Year.  A few of the club committee members along with Debra Courtenay-Crane attended the Sports Awards Evening on Thursday on behalf of a superb team of volunteers at the Club and are very proud to have received the two awards.


Photo, members of the Club with Head Coach Debra Courtenay-Crane, far right, together with Councillor Norman MacRae.

Oxfordshire Two Piece Competition, Berinsfield

November 22nd 2015


Seven girls from Carterton Gymnastic Club, Upavon Way, Carterton competed at the Oxfordshire Two Piece Competition in Berinsfield on Sunday 22nd November 2015.  Lilli Thompson competed on vault and floor, Roisin Morris and Evie Daft competed on beam and floor, and all three competed at level 5.  Evie took home a silver on floor.  At level 4, Eabha Morris and Isabel Norris both completed.  Eabha did beam and floor and took home a bronze on beam while Isabel completed on vault and beam and took home a bronze on vault.  Natasha Granville and Ella Mead both competed at level 3 on beam and floor. Natasha took bronze on beam and silver on floor together with beam plate while Ella took home a bronze on floor and silver on beam.  A very good competition all round for Carterton Gym Club.

Happy Birthday Debbie!!

July 4th 2015


The 2015 Club Championships, held on Saturday July 4th, were a great success, with the day culminating in a special performance by the squad and choreographed by Miss Ford, to celebrate Debbie's 50th.

Carterton Veteran Gymnasts, Basingstoke

June 7th 2015


EIGHT Veteran Gymnasts from Carterton Gymnastic Club competed at Basingstoke on Sunday 7th June. Each competed in different categories for their age group with all competing on beam, floor, vault and bars.  Maddy Crossley aged 23 came 3rd overall her best piece being on beam. Georgina Money aged 20 came 4th overall her best piece being on floor. Angela Oliver aged 36 came 4th overall and gained silver on tumble.  Angela Bywater aged 38 came 2nd overall came 2nd overall and took gained gold on tumble.  Angela Money aged 48 came 4th overall and gained bronze on tumble.  Claire Granville aged 42 came 3rd overall and gained bronze on tumble.  Kate Dela aged 32 came 1st her best piece being on beam and Colin Rigby aged 54 came 2nd overall and gained gold in tumble.


Photo left to right: Georgina Money, Angela Money, Maddy Crossley, Angela Oliver, Debra Courtenay Crane, Colin Rigby, Claire Granville, Kate Dela and Angela Bywater.

Oxfordshire Grades Competition, Berinsfield

February 22nd 2015


EIGHT girls from Carterton Gymnastics Club, Upavon Way, Carterton took part in the Oxfordshire Grades Competition at Berinsfield on Sunday 22nd February. They all competed on vault, bars beam and floor.  Molly Mullins aged 14 got a distinction and took home a Bronze at grade 1. Ella Mead aged 15 and Natasha Granville aged 12 also took grade 1, Mead coming 4th and Granville 5th and both had commendations.  Roisin Morris aged 8 took grade 6.  Eabha Morris and Isabel Norris both aged 10 took grade 5. Eabha took home a bronze.  Amelie Meaden aged 10 took grade 4 taking home gold while Evie Daft aged 10 also at grade 4 took home a silver.  All girls got commendation.


Photo, left to right: 
Back; Rosin Morris, Amelie Meaden, Eabha Morris

Middle; Isabel Norris, Evie Daft

Bottom; Natasha Granville, Ella Mead, Molly Mullins

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