Recreational Gymnastics

The heart of our club....

Gymnastics is a wonderful all round sport for any child, whatever their ability.  Our recreational coaches work with each child to help them to progress as far as they can. Learning new skills and how to overcome obstacles will develop confidence and self esteem, as well as physical strength, coordination and flexibility. Gymnasts, both male and female, have the opportunity to learn skills on all apparatus from floor to rings, beam to pommel, and work towards gaining certificates as they progress. We also hold wonderful yearly Club Championships,  where our recreational gymnasts get the opportunity to compete and show their skills off to family and friends. These are very popular with our gymnasts and are an exuberant celebration of our club and it's wonderful members.

We offer a range of classes to suit your child's age and ability. They will get to challenge themselves in a safe and inspiring environment where your child is supported to progress at their own pace. Please have a look at our booking portal to find a suitable class for your child.



We offer 3 levels within each age group for our recreational gymnasts:

Beginners Gymnastics

This class is aimed at children who have little or no experience in gymnastics. During these sessions, gymnasts will train on all pieces of apparatus to improve their strength and flexibility, while mastering the basic individual skills required to move into our intermediate classes. These sessions are a great way to both exercise and build gymnasts confidence in a safe environment. 

Intermediate Gymnastics

These classes are perfect for gymnasts who have already mastered the basics of gymnastics. Now confident in skills such as rolling, jumping, cartwheels and handstands, gymnasts will continue to train on all pieces of apparatus. They will focus on improving their strength and flexibility, while working on individual skills.

Advanced Gymnastics

These classes are for gymnasts who have already mastered many skills and are ready to perform higher level gymnastic moves. They will begin with a focus on more advanced conditioning and flexibility, while working on individual skills such as round-off flicks, somersaults and full bar routines.


We are very keen that every child, whatever their ability or disability is able to benefit from our facility. If your child has additional needs, please contact us directly to discuss how we can support you and your child to access our classes.

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