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Kids in Preschool


Recreational Gymnastics: Where Every Child Shines

Our gymnastics program is the heart of our club, offering a world of opportunities for children of all abilities. Our dedicated recreational coaches guide each child to reach their full potential. Learning new skills, overcoming obstacles, and mastering the art of gymnastics build confidence, strength, coordination, and flexibility. Boys and girls alike have the chance to flourish on all apparatuses, from the floor to the pommel horse. As they progress, they earn certificates and have a chance to compete in our exciting Club Championships and Halloween competitions, showcasing their achievements to family and friends. We offer a variety of classes tailored to your child's age and ability. Our goal is to create a safe and inspiring environment where children can challenge themselves and advance at their own pace. Explore our booking portal to find the perfect class for your child.  We have mixed classes and also boys-only classes.  This gives the boys an opportunity to work solely on the men's kits; floor, vault, pommel horse, rings, high bar and parallel bars.

For recreational gymnasts, we provide three levels within each age group:


Beginners Gymnastics

Perfect for boys and girls with little or no prior gymnastics experience. These sessions cover all apparatuses, enhancing strength, flexibility, and foundational skills needed for the intermediate level. Our focus is not only on building physical skills but also on nurturing self-confidence in a safe environment.

Intermediate Gymnastics

Ideal for boys and girls who have mastered the basics.  This level continues to train on all apparatuses while concentrating on enhancing strength, flexibility, and individual skills.


Advanced Gymnastics

Designed for boys and girls who have already mastered many skills and are prepared for higher-level gymnastic challenges. Classes prioritize advanced conditioning and flexibility while refining individual skills like round-off flicks, somersaults, and full bar routines.

At Carterton Gymnastic Club CIC, we believe that every child, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, should have access to our facility. If your child has special needs, please don't hesitate to contact us directly to discuss how we can provide the support they need to participate in our classes. Join us on a journey of fun, growth, and achievement, and watch your child shine!

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