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Celebrating Spooktacular Success at Our Halloween Carterton Gymnastic Club Competition!

The spirit of the Halloween Carterton Gymnastic Club competition swept through The Vault, leaving behind an enchanting trail of laughter, smiles, and extraordinary gymnastic feats. 🎃✨

We extend hearty congratulations to the over 200 participants who made our Halloween Carterton Gymnastic Club competitions a tremendous success. From our tiny gymnasts at 3 years old to our seasoned athletes, each one brought their unique charm and skill to the event.

Our coaches and judges joined the festivities, transforming into characters that added an extra dash of magic to the day. Stay tuned for a delightful photo capturing these enchanting moments that we'll be sharing soon!

Special kudos to the POD, Club, County, Boys Squads, and our dynamic cheerleading teams. Their special appearances added an extra layer of excitement and showcased the incredible diversity of talent we have at Carterton Gymnastic Club.

Did you miss the show? No worries! We're preparing to share a link to the routine, and even better, the full video will be making its way to you soon. So, keep your eyes peeled for this magical glimpse into the Halloween extravaganza.

And guess what? The fun doesn't stop there! In the next edition, we'll be unravelling the spooktacular tale of 'Halloween 2.' This special edition was crafted especially for those gymnasts who couldn't make it on the 22nd of October but were brimming with enthusiasm to compete.

Stay tuned, gymnastics enthusiasts, as we continue to weave the magic of gymnastics and celebration at Carterton Gymnastic Club! 🎉🤸‍♀️👻

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