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Enroll Now! 3rd Annual Adult Gymnastics Competition

Updated: Apr 23

We are excited to announce the return of our Adult Gymnastics Competition, to be held at our state-of-the-art facility in Carterton, on June 9th. This inclusive event welcomes gymnasts aged 16 and above as of December 31, 2024, to showcase their skills in a supportive and friendly environment.

Registrations closing date is May 12th, so hurry up and secure your spot in an event that promises to be a day of excitement, energy, and excellent gymnastics.

Everyone Is Welcome

No matter your age (as long as you're 16 or older as of December 31, 2024), or your skill level, there's a place for you here. The event features multiple levels from introductory to advanced, ensuring that everyone from complete beginners to former competitive gymnasts can find their comfort zone and challenge themselves in a supportive environment.


✔️All participants must hold at least a British Gymnastics Bronze Membership.

✔️Non-British nationals can also compete and win medals, as long as they possess the necessary membership or insurance coverage.

✔️There is no requirement for competitors to have been retired from gymnastics for any period before joining this adult competition. However, participants should not compete in, or plan to compete in, any county, regional, national, or international events in 2024 that are not specifically designated for adults.

✔️Students who have previously competed in BUCS events,

✔️Gymnasts interested in participating in the Disability Artistic British Championships, are encouraged to enter this adult competition.

A Look at the Categories

The competition is uniquely inclusive, offering categories in both Men's and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, as well as Men’s and Women’s Disability Artistic Gymnastics, all open to participants of any gender. The distinction in levels from 1 to 4 allows each gymnast to compete in a bracket that matches their ability:

  • Level 1 caters to those who are new to gymnastics or have never competed before.

  • Level 2 is perfect for gymnasts who are relatively new to the sport but might have some club-level experience.

  • Level 3 suits those who may have competed in county or regional competitions previously.

  • Level 4 is designed for advanced gymnasts who have experienced high-level competitive environments.

Please Read the Full Description of the Main Skill Levels in the document below.

Carterton Gymnastic Club CIC 2024 Adult Competition Handbook 2024 .docx
Download PDF • 4.33MB

Flexibility in Scoring

In the Women’s events, the top three apparatus scores count towards the final score, while in the Men’s events, the top four do. This scoring system encourages participation and allows gymnasts to focus on their strongest events, increasing the enjoyment and competitive spirit.

Please refer to the Complete Scoring Systems Sheet below for details on each discipline.

Carterton GC CIC Adult Competition rules 2024
Download PDF • 532KB

An Inclusive Event

Inclusion is a core value at Carterton Gymnastic Club. Adaptations from British Gymnastics Disability rules and Special Olympics guidelines ensure that the competition is accessible and fair for participants with disabilities, making it a truly inclusive event.

Why Compete?

Gymnastics is not just about physical skills; it’s also incredibly beneficial for mental health. It enhances concentration, increases discipline, and boosts confidence. Competing can reignite your passion for the sport or help you discover a new hobby that challenges you in ways you've never imagined.

Not Just A Competition

Apart from the competition, this event is a celebration of gymnastics and the local community. It’s a day to meet fellow gymnastics enthusiasts, make new friends, and possibly ignite or reignite a lifelong passion for this beautiful sport. Moreover, it's a spectator-friendly event, meaning family and friends can come along to watch and support their loved ones, creating an encouraging and fun atmosphere for all.

Venue and Registration Details

The competition will be held at The Vault, Carterton Gymnastic Club, located in Unit 10 and 11 West Oxfordshire RETAIL Park, Haddon Place, Carterton, OX18 3FP. Remember to put the postcode in your SATNAV or click the Map below. The facility includes a large, free car park, ensuring easy access for all attendees.

Please Fill in the Registration Forms below and send them to by the 12th of May:

Carterton Gymnastic Club CIC 2024 Adult Competition Handbook 2024 .docx
Download PDF • 4.33MB

Final Thoughts

Whether you’ve been away from gymnastics for a while, or you're looking to step onto the competition floor for the first time, the Carterton Gymnastic Club's Adult Gymnastics Competition is a fantastic opportunity to shine. It’s more than just a competition; it’s a day to celebrate strength, flexibility, and the community spirit that makes gymnastics so special.

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