Squad Gymnastics

Carterton Gymnastic Club currently have a number of successful artistic women's squads competing at various levels, as well as a mixed adult squad, and we will be expanding our squads to include male artistic as well as acrobatic, rhythmic and tumbling in the future. We are very proud of the supportive, family feel that is the essence of our club and being invited to train in one of our squads is something very special.

Entry into our squads is by invitation only and demands a high level of commitment and hard work.


County Squad members work towards competing in British Gymnastics National Level Grades competitions as well as voluntary competitions. 


Our Club Squad members compete in County Open Competitions.


We also have a development 'Pod Squad' which takes our most promising youngest gymnasts to see if they have the potential to join the main squads in the future.


Our successful mixed adult squad compete at county, regional and British Championship levels. Squad members are aged from 16 to over 80 and we are incredibly proud of their achievements. We are lucky enough to train the British Handstand Champion as well as two British Champions.


Life in the squad:

Eabha says:

"When I was younger I wanted to be a gymnast as I thought it was such a beautiful sport and after becoming a gymnast and squad member, I have found it is more than a sport, it is a lifestyle. I love gymnastics because I love competing and learning new moves. In my time at Carterton, I have left gym due to an injury and returned to the club as a coach because I missed it so much. As a coach I have learnt so much more about gymnastics and the technical side to all the moves. I coach both squad and recreational gymnasts and in doing so have realised that I need gymnastics in my life, and so have now returned to training as well."

Lisa says:

“Gymnastics has challenged me massively, putting me out of my comfort zone. I could not have done it without Debbie." 

George says:

"I joined gymnastics when I was 5 years old. It's like a family; they've helped give me confidence and influenced me as a gymnast to never give up. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for Debbie"

Kate says:

"I stopped training at the age of 13 years and in 2009 I asked if I could train with the recreational class to improve my fitness. I had lost the majority of the skills I had learned as a child, but with hard work I have got most of it back and some new skills. I was encouraged to enter the National Adult Championships in 2010, and a few years on we now have an Adult squad at the club. Gymnastics has allowed me to improve my fitness in an enjoyable way and is a great way to unwind after a busy day at work."

Alex says:

“After 20 years of never doing gymnastics, Debbie took me on as a challenge, a rugby player who had just had serious knee surgery. She sat me down one day, after I had been coaching with the club for over a year, and discussed that I would only be able to join the team if I took part in the competition in 4 weeks time. 
After 4 weeks of intensive training it was the day of the competition, my nerves were through the roof, but Debbie, as she does best, took me aside and told me not to worry but to have fun with it and enjoy the time competing. With those words in mind, I went out and won the competition! I still have those words ringing in my mind every time I train and compete for my university. I’m forever grateful for the club supporting me and giving me a chance!” 

Sarah says:

"I trained as a gymnast from the age of 3 until I was 13 and competed up to Welsh championship level. 32 years later I am back as a competing adult gymnast and came 5th in my first National adult championships in 2017. In 2018 I acheived my level 1 artisitic coaching qualification."

Angela B says:

"All my childhood I wanted to do gymnastics but never had the opportunity. When Debbie announced that she was going to start an Adult squad, I was jumping up and down shouting, "Pick me! Pick me!" I've loved every minute of my training and I've also gone on to take coaching qualifications; I've earned my Level 2 qualification and am currently working on Level 3. I'm not sure what I love more, coaching or training!"

Pooh says:

"I joined Carterton Gymnastics Club  when I was 8. It was taken over by the amazing Debra who then coached me in squad until I was 17. I returned at the age of 33 and became a level 1 coach and now gained level 2. I also train in the adult squad. It has always felt like my extended family and always will. I wouldn't be who I am today without being part of this fantastic club."

Angela M says:

"As a child I always wanted to be a gymnast but apart from doing little bits in an after school gym club when I was 9 - 10 years old I never really got the opportunity.  It has always been a favorite sport of mine that I have followed.   When Carterton Gymnastics started up the Adult Squad in January 2014 when I was 47 years old I jumped at the chance to take part and I have never looked back.   When I started, I found the basics, i.e. forward rolls, handstands, etc., to be difficult but with commitment, positive attitude, and a good coach I was surprised how quickly I was able to perform these.  Some moves take me a long time to learn but I never give up and eventually I know I will get there.  The club is extremely friendly and I enjoy the atmosphere and the bringing together of gymnasts of all ages to learn together.  Everyone is supportive and keen to help each other out.   For me its a place to go to enjoy my hobby, keep fit, gain achievements, switch off from a busy life, and enjoy myself.  The club is one big family!   I have competed at a few competitions over the last 4 years and in 2017 came 3rd in the British National competition for my age group.....my goal is to now improve on this!"

George M says:

“I have trained as a gymnast since the age of 2 and a half, with the difficulty of having ‘two left feet’. I trained competitively until the age of 15 and then started coaching. When the opportunity came about to train with the adult squad, I couldn’t resist but say YES! To start training with adults who haven’t done gymnastics since they were kids or never even experienced the sport before, was so motivating and inspirational to see everyone achieve moves they never even imagined being able to do. I never thought that I would ever compete alongside my Mum within Gymnastics; however, the Adult squad has made that happen." 

Gelis says:

"I joined Carterton gymnastics club as an adult after a big move away from my home in Scotland - I had done gymnastics as a child and throughout university but had stopped soon before having my first child. Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging. It really helped to boost my confidence and get back some skills that I wasn't sure if I could do again! I was also encouraged to sit my judging exam and am now a qualified Regional Judge for the club. It's great to be able to stay involved as an adult and help others with their gymnastics along the way!"