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Aerobic Gymnastics Class


At Carterton Gymnastic Club CIC, excellence is our tradition.

We proudly host a variety of accomplished squads, featuring talented women athletes competing across multiple levels. And that's not all; our mixed adult squad showcases extraordinary dedication and triumph, boasting members aged 16 to over 80. We have girls, boys, adults and pod squads on offer - invite only.

The Essence of Excellence

Our club is renowned for its supportive, family-oriented atmosphere, creating a nurturing environment where dreams become reality. Entry into our elite squads is an invitation-only affair, a testament to the high level of commitment and perseverance it demands.


Achieving Greatness

Our County Squad members are on an inspiring journey, working tirelessly to compete in British Gymnastics National Level Grades competitions alongside voluntary competitions that sharpen their skills. Meanwhile, our Club Squad athletes shine in County Open Competitions, showcasing their remarkable talent.


The Future Stars

Our developmental 'Pod Squad' is where young prodigies find their footing. Here, our most promising gymnasts are meticulously nurtured to potentially join our esteemed main squads and become future champions.


Mixed Adult Excellence

Our mixed adult squad is where age knows no boundaries. Competing at the county, regional, and British Championship levels, this incredible group has shattered expectations. We are even home to the British Handstand Champion and two other British Champions.


The Next Chapter Awaits

But we're not stopping there. The future is bright, with plans to expand our squads to include male artistic gymnasts, acrobatic teams, rhythmic gymnasts, and dynamic tumblers. Our journey for excellence continues, and we'd love for you to be a part of it.

Ready to write your chapter of triumph? Join our squads and be part of a legacy where champions are made.

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