Club Registration Form

If you wish to join the waiting list please go to the Contact page and fill out the contact form.  Please ONLY fill in this Registration Form if you have been asked to do so once you or your child has been offered a place at the club. If you would prefer to print the form out to fill in, please download a copy.

We use the personal information you provide to identify an appropriate class for you/your child and to ensure you/they are well supported and safe whilst participating in gymnastics. All personal information will be held securely and will only be shared with coaches or others who need this information to provide gymnastics activity and to meet your/your child's needs. If you would like more information no how we use information about you/your child, please visit our website      or contact us on        .

Date of birth



Please provide details of any relevant medical conditions and/or allergies that the participant (ie you/your child) has and any treatment/medication that may need to be administered*

* where information is disclosed, it may be necessary to seek additional details and/or expert medical advice to confirm that participation in gymnastics will not have an adverse impact on health. Any medical screening must be carried out prior to participation in the sport.

Please provide any other information, including any disability/special/additional needs* eg religious requirements that the club should be aware of and may help us to make appropriate adjustments and support your/your child's needs.

* if your/your child's needs are complex, we may need to ask you to provide additional information.

On occasion, we may film you/your child during a gymnastics session for coaching purposes. Unless you agree otherwise, we will retain these images for only as long as they are required to support you/your child's learning. If you do not want us to film you/your child, please let us know and we will not do this.

AGREEMENTS (please tick each box where you agree with the statement)

I confirm that to the best of my knowledge, I am/my child is physically fit and healthy and am aware of no other information which needs to be considered in advance to ensure that I/they can participate safely in gymnastics activity.

I agree for the information I have provided to be used for carrying out risk assessments and reasonable adjustments and understand that the club may contact me if they require any further information

MARKETING (please tick each box where you agree with the statement)

I agree for the club to contact me to send me club news and information about gymnastics activities that I might be interested in:


By email


For further details about how we will use information about you, please see our terms and conditions and privacy notice.


I agree to emergency medical treatment or first aid which in the opinion of a qualified practitioner or first aider is necessary. I also understand that should suchj a situation arise, all reasonable steps will be taken to contact an emergency contact.


I confirm that I am aware of the club's code of conduct and anti-bullying policy and understand and agree to my responsibilities in connection with these policies.


I confirm that to the best of my knowledge, all information provided on this form is accurate, and that I will undertake to advise the club of any change to this information.