Pre-school Gymnastics

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Muscle Strength






Taking Turns

Spatial Awareness

Concentration Skills

Listening Skills

Gymnastics is the perfect activity to develop essential skills in your little one, whilst they are busy having fun. All sports are beneficial, but gymnastics is unique in the broad range of transferrable skills that it builds in children. We have seen over and over again the physical, social and emotional development that results from engagement with the sport of gymnastics, and above all, little ones love it!

We offer a range of classes to suit your circumstances and the age of your child. They will get to challenge themselves in a fun and safe environment where your child is supported to progress at their own pace.


We are very keen that every child, whatever their ability or disability is able to benefit from our facility. If your child has additional needs, please contact us directly to discuss how we can support you and your child to access our classes.

Classes available:

BUNNY HOPS (18 months - 3 yrs) - coached with parent

BUNNY HOPS (3 - 5 yrs) - coached with parent

TUMBLERS (12 - 18 months) - free play

TUMBLERS (18 months - 3 yrs) - free play

TUMBLERS (3 - 5 yrs) - free play

LITTLE STARS (4 - 5 yrs) - coached, no parent

Please have a look on our booking portal to find a suitable class:

Copying Skills

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