Fun ideas

to try 

at home

What amazing things have you been doing during the Covid-19 lockdown?

Whilst we are all staying safe and staying at home, we would love to see the wonderful things you have been doing to keep yourselves busy. Debbie has come up with a list of 30 things to do, and we will be posting any of your pictures and ideas, that your parents/guardians email through to us, on this special page.

Debbie's 30 things to do:

  1. Design a leotard

  2. Use a paper plate to create a gymnastics themed party

  3. Write a poem about your favourite gym activity

  4. Create a gym from lego or on minecraft

  5. Write about your favourite thing about gymnastics

  6. How many pieces of gym equipment can you name in one minute?

  7. Write a story about the monster who lives in the gym cupboard

  8. Rewrite The 12 Days of Christmas with a gymnastics theme (on the first day of Christmas, my coach made me do....)

  9. Design a new logo for the gym

  10. Draw a picture of you and your friends doing a balance together

  11. Write a list of the skills you would like to learn, and why

  12. Design a new piece of gym equipment, how would you use it?

  13. Name a gymnastic skill for each letter of the alphabet

  14. Make a model of a gymnast

  15. Imagine you are alone in the gym, what would you get up to?

  16. Design a new game to play at gym

  17. Create a gymnastics crossword

  18. Make a mascot for our new gym

  19. Design a poster to advertise our new gym 'The Vault'

  20. Write down everything you are looking forward to in your new gym. You can look at the layout on the gym website

  21. Create a gymnastic word search

  22. Create an animation or cartoon of a floor routine, and beam routine

  23. Draw a superhero gymnastic coach

  24. Create a new warmup routine we can use in the gym

  25. Find out 10 facts about your favourite gymnast

  26. Create a gymnastics board game

  27. Bake a biscuit and give it an icing leotard

  28. How many gymnastic words can you link by using the last letter of the first word to start the next word? ie: jump, pommel, leap, pike etc

  29. Write a letter to your favourite gymnast

  30. Design a gymnastics trading card game

Sophie shows us her beam routine

Sammy has created this amazing minecraft gym. It looks just like our current gym. Well done!

Sophie shows us her beam routine

Sophie shows us her wonderful beam routine. We can't wait to see it in the gym Sophie.

Here are some of the brilliant things you have been up to already - keep them coming in....

Lily 1.png

We love this very smart track suit that Lily has designed for our gymnasts. 

Lola 1.png

That is a great balance Lola. Gymnastics and fresh air! What a great combination.

Ellie 1.png

What a cheerful leotard Ellie! Enough to brighten the dullest day. Well done.

Isabelle 1.png

Another very smart leotard Isabelle. That would look great at a competition.

Bea 1.png

Debbie's favourite colour Bea, well done on a great sparkly design.

Anais 1.png

Another very smart leotard design from Anais. Any Olympian would be proud to wear this one.

Summer 1.png

Summer brightened up our day with this colourful design.

Jessica 1.png

Well done Jessica - I don't know about you but those coaches look a bit scary to me...

Tegan 1.png

Tegn has designed a fantastic wordsearch. Why don't you have a go!

Lilly-may 1.png

Wow! Lilly-May has created this very clever gym.

Chloe 1.png

What a professional looking gym Chloe! That would look very smart in our new facility.

Marshmans 1.png

The Marshman family headstand challenge - lovely pointed toes girls!

Anabel 3.png

What a great advert for our new gym Anabel.

Anabel 1.png

Anabel's design is going for gold. I think we need a system just like that for our new gym.

Scarlett 1.png

Scarlet has created a very smart leotard for her doll.

Baileigh 1.png

Baileigh was our first gymnast to get creative with the lego. That's a great set of bars.