A huge thank you to our wonderful donors and supporters for helping us to achieve our dream.




A Massive thank you to Sport England who have awarded us a grant of £100,000. 

Solid logo.png

Many thanks to our first supporters, Solid Structures, for your wonderful ongoing help.


A Huge thank you to West Oxfordshire District Council for awarding a grant of £47,000 towards our new facility.


Many thanks to Carterton Town Council for your generous grant for pre-school equipment and ongoing support.


Thank you to British Gymnastics for your ongoing advice and support.


Many thanks to Ace Training for your ongoing support and commitment to our project.

Brian and Carol Courtenay

Many thanks for your generous donation and ongoing support.

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Many thanks to The Lions Club of Carterton for your generous grant to purchase a beam for the gym.

Gymnast Tia

Huge thanks Tia for your wonderful donation.

Many thanks to A Plan Insurance for your donation and offer of an additional £50 per referral made.

Many thanks to The Andrew Fisher Foundation for your generous grant and ongoing support.

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Fundraising by gymnasts


In July our gymnasts got family and friends to sponsor them to complete as many circuits of the gym as they could in 10 minutes. The circuit was long and tough with ropes, beams, benches and bars and the gymnasts worked incredibly hard. Over all the sessions on the three days, they raised an amazing £


Our gymnasts have been working hard to help us reach our fundraising target. Our smarties challenge has proved popular, with gymnasts raising money by doing chores for family and friends. Well done and a big thank you to all those listed below:



Katie G

Olivia C

Penelope H

Matilda U

Ellen N

Harriet M

Megan F

Grace F

Nia F

Phoebe Y

Edith D

Felicity H

Lilly-May G

Scarlett L

Summer W

Emmie G

Scarlett H


Gracie H

Darcy L


Gwynny L

Scarlett H

Mia E


Eden T

Jessica G

Hannah B

Amber W

Annabelle S

Ellie B

Petra K

Allie J

Kira I

Rosie W


Francesca T

Daisy D

Isla R

Molly A

Freya G

Chelsie F

Mason RC


Harriot RC

Eloise G

Cerys L

Isabelle B

Evie D

Amelie SM

Isla C

Chloe M

Lily J


Ada T

Rosie W

Isla A

Bronwyn E


Lilly-May along with fellow gymnasts Emilia, Annabelle, Jess and Amelia, organised a cake sale at their school that raised a fantastic £72.51 towards our total. A huge thank you to the girls and to parents for donating lots of lovely cakes. Well done!