Building The Vault

What is The Vault?


Our club is full of heart and talent. We have achieved amazing things,

but our facilities are holding us back.


Carterton Gymnastic Club has been run out of a school hall for the

last 30 years. Whilst the club has flourished and produced award

winning national and international gymnasts, it does mean that we can't fully support our communities needs and offer the full set of activities that we would like.

The Vault is the name we have chosen for a new facility we are developing. With your help we hope to be in and training in the Autumn of 2020. 

No more putting in and out of equipment!

Can you help us to create an incredible new gymnastics facility?

Exciting News!

New Pre-school & Adult classes from Autumn 2019

Planning is well under way, and we are finalising the acquisition of a building so we are excited to be able to reveal the layout for the facility.


Our top class facility will include:

A large fully equipped gymnasium for both male and female gymnasts, to continue and expand our successful artistic gymnastics coaching, as well as offering an extended range of gymnastics disciplines for all ages and abilities

A second, smaller gymnasium for pre-school classes, adult recreational

classes, birthday parties and various complementary sports such as

free running, martial arts, dance, pilates, and fitness

A cafe space for our parents and gymnasts to relax and socialise in

A reception area and offices to support the club

We have an incredibly dedicated team of experienced volunteers who have formed a working group to design and develop these premises.  The group have given presentations and held meetings with the local and district council, local schools, the MOD, and British Gymnastics, all of whom are extremely supportive and feel that The Vault would be a huge asset to our community. We now have planning permission to change the use of the buildings to Leisure, and we also have full plans approval from building regulations.

The next step

We are well on our way with the fundraising to make this happen, with over £200,000 already raised, and have now secured a loan of £150,000 to enable us to complete the essential works in order to open in September. We do however need to continue working hard on fundraising, to enable all the elements of the gym to be completed and kitted out with top quality equipment.  If you can help us in any way, please get in touch.

We are holding a Launch event for the building phase of The Vault on Saturday 14th March 2020, at G & T's in Carterton. If you are able to volunteer your skills or donate fixtures or fittings, or just want to find out more, please come along. Details here.