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Many people assume that gymnastics is only for children or adults who have previously done gymnastics. Well, we want to reassure you that it is never too late to take up this amazing sport. We offer classes for men and women over the age of 16. Our oldest gymnast so far is over 80 years old, only took it up when she was 72, and has competed in national gymnastic competitions.

In these classes you will build up your strength, stamina and flexibility and progress at your own pace to master moves. You will have access to the full range of both male and female apparatus, and our supportive staff will ensure you progress and can challenge yourself in a safe, none judgemental environment. If you progress particularly well, you may even be invited to compete at local or regional competitions.

Oh and in case you were worried - you don't even have to wear a leotard. Leggings/close fitting shorts and a t-shirt are just fine!


“Gymnastics has challenged me massively, putting me out of my comfort zone. I could not have done it without Debbie." 


Classes available:

We offer three types of adult class


HANDSPRINGS - structured classes with a coach  MONDAY, 

TUESDAY or WEDNESDAY 7.00-8.30pm

FLYSPRINGS - pay as you go (supervised) THURSDAYS 7.30-8.30pm

ADULT LUNCHTIME - pay as you go (supervised)  MONDAYS 11.30am - 12.30pm